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    We started the Melon Eye in 1995 and launched 1998 in May. The Melon Eye is a New York 65 a Bruce Roberts design. We choose this design for it's friendliness to the home builder. The continuous radius saved a lot of time and should be a fast boat. Sea trials are scheduled for this fall sometime. We intend to rig her as a sloop with a 70' aluminum mast. The name came from a play on names. My wife's name is Melinda and I call her Mel.  The( on  Eye ) is in reference to myself. Years ago I had a dream to build a sailboat and " Melon Eye" is what I named her. It was such a strong desire that I had it tattooed on my arm so now I'm living my dream the project of a life time. This is how Mel and I have chosen to retire.

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Builder Paul and Mel West

Now under new ownership

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