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Sometime At Eve Poem   By  Elizabeth Clark Hardy  


Aliza - 53'          (alee-za) Built by Moshe Schwartz and Son Efraim .    Launched  1994.   Photo


Antaris- 53' Built By Daryl Cornwell.  Photo


Joana - 53' Built by.   Wade Alarie.       Photo


Tikadan - 43'  Built by Bob & Donna Stern.             Started   1983.      For Sale   $     Photo


Brenda Jo - 46'  Built by  Tim Deckwa                Photo


Seayanika - 49' Erik and Katriana Vader  Photo & Link


Shirazad  - 57'

Built by Leonard Long and wife. Robert's 53'G Extended to 57'.                                                Photo


Storm Vogel - 46'  Built by Stan & Phyllis Runyan.  Now in Turkey sailing the Black Sea.                                             Photo


Steeldiver - 45' Built by Don Crownover Now in La Paz, Mexico, and    For Sale  $    Photo 


Magic Chariot  - 53' Allan J Jennings          Photo


Melon Eye - 65' Paul and Melinda West     Photo


Nicky Mar Lou - 42'  J & K Fewster     Photo


Valkyrie   -    44' BBD & Manilla Rose    photo


Fram - F39 - Trimaran The biggest challenge at present is building our F-39 trimaran. Among other things this site is made for following this building project. I just like this way of sharing my experience and I will be adding to this site periodically.           Website


Ithaca - 34'

Builder   MIRYAM BRIZUELA  photo/weblink


IMS 33 Racer/Cruiser Henrik Borg                  Web Site

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